About Me

Hi, Friend! I’m Amy Lewicki, and I am a home decor & DIY blogger from Portland, ME!

In my former life, I worked in retail sales and marketing as a client brand manager. When I left my job to become a stay-at-home mom, which was shortly after we bought our first house in MA, I needed an outlet. That’s when my love for interior decorating started to blossom! When we moved north to be closer to family, I instantly fell in love with our current house and saw it as a blank slate to create our forever home. With my husband as the brawn and me as the brains (okay; he might argue that one), we have been tackling home projects together, making our home more functional and simply more ‘us’ as a family of five.

Up until recently, I’ve been sharing these home and other DIY projects on social media when I realized, why not take it a step further? Go big or go home, right?! (No pun intended.) Cue the creation of Three Daughters Home, which I named after my girls: Everly, Emilia, and Eden. I want our girls to grow and make memories in a warm, inviting home filled with love (and definitely some unphotographed chaos, lol). Everyone deserves to have a home they love, and that’s why I started this blog — so you can follow along, hopefully learn a thing or two, and feel inspired to make your own home a more perfect fit for you and your family!

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you have any questions or any content you’d like to see, please let me know at threedaughtershome@gmail.com. ♡

If you’re interested in hearing more about my blogging journey, you can read about it here. 🙂