When I asked my soon-to-be 6-year-old what she wanted to do for her birthday, she chose something different than a traditional party. She chose to go to a local amusement park with a few friends, which honestly; was perfect! The kids had a blast, and I got to come home without fussing with post-party clean-up. 10/10 recommend! Keep reading to see the details of her amusement park birthday bash.


I always buy downloadable, editable templates from Etsy and print at my local Staples. For Evie’s birthday, I found these beautiful amusement park themed invites which were so perfect! I put the basic info. on the front and all the nitty gritty details on the back. (I used the image on the back of the invites for the favor tags as well.)

Party Favors

Of course, just because we weren’t doing a traditional themed party didn’t mean I wasn’t going to do party favors. I mean, c’mon… how long have you been following me? 😉

The amusement park birthday theme was a bit tricky, but when I found these huge ice cream cone straw cups, I knew I had to use them!

The best part is that they’re from Dollar Tree! Using my Silhouette machine, I used white vinyl to put each kid’s name on the front. I filled them up with goodies, and tied a thank you tag on the straws with pretty ribbon. (*Sharing my free printable here for the tags! I have removed the image since it was purchased + I do not own the rights, but you could easily add your own!) The kids LOVED these cups, and the sunglasses got immediate use… along with the lollipops, lol.

I did white cups for the boys, pink cups for the girls. See below for links for what to put inside:

*(I also added croc charms and rings, linked below. I had ordered mini cotton candies from Hobby Lobby, but they came shriveled up in the bags lol. Linking some from Walmart so you may have better luck!) 😂



How stinkin’ cute are these?! For a video of how I assembled these, head over to my Instagram (@threedaughtershome)!

Price breakdown: For 8 of these, it cost me about $7 each.

We ended up having 7 kids total, including Evie, which was a great manageable number. Some rides they would all want to ride, and others we split up and met back up at another ride. We ate lunch on the picnic tables where I handed out the favors and cupcakes and we kept extra snacks and waters in our wagon for everyone to share. It worked super well, and we lucked out with picture perfect weather.

If you’re planning an amusement park birthday for your son or daughter, be sure to give these favors a try, and tag me in your creation! They are sure to be a hit! *And for my princess party favors, be sure to check out that post here.