boy girl boo baskets

Do you make boo baskets for your kiddos? Admittedly, I didn’t know what boo baskets were until fairly recently, lol, but they are such a fun way to celebrate Halloween! Make them for your kids, kids’ teachers, neighbors, or whomever! Any occasion to make gift baskets I am all for!

Here are some ideas for you own boo baskets:

*Check out my tutorials for the little ghost wands and no-sew ghosts pictured below!


I was so happy to see Target bring back these cute $1 buckets! They come in a few different colors and not only do they hold quite a bit, but then your kiddo can use it for trick-or-treating! (Or you can make my Dollar Tree trick-or-treat bags 😉.) I love to throw in a book and something practical like a cup or even thermos would be cute. Of course you gotta throw in some sort of yummy treat, and play-doh is always a hit! Not pictured are the cute little wood peg dolls and coffin I painted, which Evie has already dug into haha.

Happy Halloween!

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