Whether you hang one stocking, or six (like us); Christmas stocking tags are a fun and pretty way to add a personal touch to your mantle! I made these for our family last year (when the twins were less than two months old… don’t ask me how) and had a friend ask me to make her some, too! Keep reading to see how I made these beautiful sets of Christmas stocking tags with my Silhouette machine. No Silhouette? No problem! I’ll share some other ways you can still make these beauties.

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Stain your wood tags. I found these tags to be great quality (thick and not flimsy) and stained well. I did two coats of Minwax Special Walnut on the front and back. Be sure to wait until your tags are completely dry before applying your second coat of stain as well as your name you’re applying.

Step 2: While you’re waiting for your tags to dry, create your names in Silhouette Studio. Now… you’ve got some options here. For my family’s Christmas stocking tags, I used the 6″ tags and stenciled the names using stencil vinyl and white acrylic paint. For my friend’s tags, I used the 3″ tags and decided cutting the names in vinyl would work best.

+PRO TIP: If you’re making the smaller tags, definitely go with vinyl versus trying to stencil. I learned this the hard way, lol.

Step 3: Once your tags are dry, feed a strand of jute twine through the hole. (I cut a piece, fold it in half, weave it through and loop.) Put on your wood beads.

+PRO TIP: Use a small bowl of water to dip the end of your twine into. This will make it easier to string your beads.

Step 4: Apply your names, whichever method you choose. I used transfer paper to transfer my vinyl cut-out names to my tags and made to sure apply a lot of pressure to ensure they stuck well. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can always buy already-made stencils and/or stickers. You could also use a white ink pad with rubber stamps & block, too!

And voila!

How pretty are these?! Now Santa will know which stocking is yours! 😉

If you decide to try this project, please share with me by tagging me on IG (@threedaughtershome) or emailing a pic to threedaughtershome@gmail.com — I would love to see how yours turn out! And for more Christmas festivity, check out my daughter’s pink princess tree! It’s as adorable as it sounds. 😇

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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