It’s almost February, and I’m feelin’ the love! I, personally, look forward to making class valentines each year with my oldest. (Search ‘Valentine’ in the search bar to see what we’ve done in years past.) Evie ultimately decided on store-bought tattoo cards this year (whomp whomp, lol). But, I got to make the cutest dino class valentines for the twins’ preschool class.

They’re super easy, and since I already had the dinosaur erasers (they were left over from the girls’ Three-Rex party), it cost me about $4 to make 16, or 4 sheets of 4. Here’s what you’ll need.

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: When I couldn’t find a cute, girly dinosaur v-day card, I decided to make one! I created the valentine itself in Canva, which is an online design program. I have the pro (paid) version, which is where I found this specific template (search ‘Pink and Purple Childish Dinosaur Love You Card.’) However, there are a ton of free templates available as well! Just go to Templates and search for whatever valentine theme you’re looking for. I altered this template by editing the text and dinosaur graphic. You could also just as easy design something quick in PowerPoint.

Step 2: I arranged my card to fit four on a page and printed at my local Staples on heavy cardstock. (I love sending print jobs to Staples! They are always great quality and almost always done same day.)

Step 3: Using scissors or a paper cutter (10/10 recommend!), cut your cards. I used a label maker with pink tape to do the girls’ names, or you could simply write them out. (But I just love the something extra it gives.) 😊

Step 4: Using something sharp, poke two holes to string your twine through. I found it helpful to lay the dino down to find the best spots to poke. Then, tie your dinos onto the card. That’s it!

I can’t wait for my dinosaur loving girls to pass out their dino class valentines! You could make these with any animal/eraser/small toy for any type of valentine or party favor! Happy Valentines Day! 🦕🦖

**To see a tutorial of these cards, head to my Instagram reel here.

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