Bring out the magic of Halloween with this Bibbidi Bobbidi (DIY) BOO wand! I was in Dollar Tree the other night when I had a sequence of lightbulb moments. I saw fillable ornaments in the Christmas section (yes, Christmas already – eek!) and remembered seeing someone use them to make Mickey Mouse wands. Then, I remembered I bought Halloween sprinkles… The rest is history!

So let’s kick your boo basket up a notch with this DIY boo wand, shall we?

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Remove the little metal doo-hickey on the top of your ornament. Take out the little loop part, but keep the actual top. (We’ll need that in a sec.)

Step 2: Fill your ornament with your sprinkles/tube confetti/whatever you got to make it a party inside! I love the little eyes and bones in these sprinkles. So schpooky! I also added green + purple tube confetti for some sparkle and cut up some orange ribbon. Note: I filled my ornament about 2/3 full, but you do you. (The ornaments, tube confetti, and wood dowels were all Dollar Tree finds, but I’ve linked similar ones.)

Step 3: Hot glue the top back on.

Step 4: Once cooled, use your x-acto knife to carefully cut a hole for the dowel to go through.

Step 5: Hot glue around the hole you cut, like this. It won’t look pretty, but don’t fret! We’re gonna cover it up with ribbon.

Step 6: I used a combination of three ribbons I already had on hand, including this super pretty star tulle ribbon, to fancy up my wand and cover the glue.

Step 7: For the final touch, I cut out some ‘boo’ letters on purple vinyl with my Silhouette machine. You could always use stickers, too!

And there you have it! This DIY boo wand was super simple to make, and I can’t wait to put it in my daughter’s boo basket. Happy Halloween, y’all!

**& for more Halloween DIYs, just search for ‘Halloween’ in my search bar. 🙂

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