I knew well before my girls’ Three Rex birthday party I wanted to make these little wands! (Because every party deserves a little touch of magic!✨) No matter how you make ’em, they are just so dang cute and bound to be a hit! See how I made mine below, and be sure to check out my Instagram reel ~

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: This first step is optional, but if you want your dowels shorter, your first step will be shortening them. I had my husband take off a few inches with his table saw. Also optional, I spray painted the dowels with gold spray paint. *(I have linked the exact products I used.)

Step 2: Drill (or have your hubby drill 🙃) a hole in the bottom of your toy dinos. Try to drill as close to the center as possible to prevent it being lop-sided. Also, make sure the hole is the same width as your wood dowels.

Step 3: If you want to change the color of your dinos, now’s the time! I wanted mine to match the colors of my girls’ party, so I spray painted the dinosaurs light pink, light purple, and light green.

Step 4: Once completely dried, put a little dab of Gorilla glue in the hole and place on top of your dowel.

Step 5: When the glue is dry, you’re ready to decorate with any ribbon you want! I used a mix of curling ribbon and silk ribbon. Just tie in a knot around your dowel and secure with a dot of glue so it won’t budge.

And there you have it! These DIY dino wands were super simple to make and a hit at the twins’ birthday party. You could make these with any animal/figurine to adapt them for any type of party! If you make these, be sure to tag me — I’d love to see what you create! Happy wand making 🦕🦖

**And to see other DIY wand tutorials, just enter ‘wand’ in the search bar.

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