Ever stroll through HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby and come across those pretty, distressed farmhouse style planters? (Like this:)

Source: hobbylobby.com

I’ve always thought they were so pretty but never wanted to splurge on one. After seeing @motherthyme on Instragram make one, I figured, I could make one too! So I made a trip to the dollar store, grabbed my go-to chalky paint, and got to painting! Not too shabby for $1, right? Keep reading to see how I made this cute DIY Dollar Tree Planter! (You could also use this technique on any metal planter.)

What You’ll Need:

  • Planter from Dollar Tree (*there is an English version and a French version. I made one of each!)
  • Chalk paint (I used Craft Smart chalky acrylic paint in the color Parchment from Michael’s – linking similar)
  • Antiquing wax (I used ArtMinds wax in the color Tea Stained from Michael’s – linking similar)
  • Foam brush
  • Cloth or paper towel
  • Fine grit sandpaper

How To:

Step 1: Using a craft foam brush, apply your chalk paint to the outside of your planter. You could also paint the inside, but I planned on putting a faux plant in mine and knew you wouldn’t be able to see the inside.

8 fl oz. bottle of craft smart multi-surface premium chalky acrylic paint in the color parchment
This is the paint I used, which I purchased from Michael’s.

Step 2: After the first coat has dried, repeat x2. I find that three coats gives a great amount of coverage.

+ PRO TIP: Cover your cup ‘o paint with tinfoil and throw it in the fridge between coats. This will keep your paint from drying up so you’re not wasting it.

Step 3: Once you’ve applied three coats and it’s all dry, it’s time to add some antiquing wax! This is what is going to give the planter that aged or antique-y look. Word to the wise: a little goes a long way! But no worries; if you use too much you can always just slap on some more paint. You seriously can’t mess it up! Using a cloth or even a paper towel, just dab a little and swipe in random spots on your painted planter. I also made sure to put some around the top and bottom, where it would naturally rust.

Step 4: Next, grab your fine grit sandpaper. Once you sand over the letters, it’ll remove the paint, re-revealing the letters again. I also sanded along the side seams, top and bottom, and over the wax in spots. Again, you can’t mess it up! The goal is to just give it some light distressing for that farmhouse style vibe.

And there you have it, folks!

How stinkin’ cute?! I mean, for $1?! You can’t beat it! I made this particular one for someone else, but I also have one in my own bathroom that’s the ‘Flower & Garden’ version. You could also dress it up with some jute twine along the top or rope knots for handles! Use it inside, outside, keep it for yourself, or fill with goodies for a gift basket — The possibilities are endless!

Run to your Dollar Tree and pick up at least one of these, and make a DIY Dollar Tree planter of your own! If you do, please be sure to tag me on IG (@threedaughtershome) or email me a pic to threedaughtershome@gmail.com. I’d love to see how you style it in your own home!


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