What’s a 70s kids party without some groovy favors!? I truly enjoy making take-home treats for my daughter’s friends as a little souvenir from the day. For the twins’ 2nd birthday party (see details here), I just knew I had to make these adorable DIY lava lamp party favors I saw by Rachel at Handmade Charlotte. The best part is that, aside from the spray paint, everything is from the Dollar Tree! Keep reading to see how I made these cuties.

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Take two of your plastic shot glasses and super glue them together, bottom to bottom. This will be the base of your lava lamp.

Step 2: Once dry, stuff one cup with crumpled up wax paper. This will make it easier to spray paint.

Step 3: Spray paint the entire outside of the shot glasses with spray paint. (I used Rustoleum in Candy Pink.) To keep from dripping, spray lightly and turn glasses in between coats to get even coverage.

Step 4: Time for the ‘lamp’ part! Using painters’ tape and more wax paper, I taped off the entire glass leaving about an inch exposed. Try to make sure that tape is really stuck on to avoid bleed lines. If the wax paper is hanging over the bottom edge, just use scissors to trim.

Step 5: Repeat step 3. ☺

Step 6: While my paint was drying, I went ahead and grouped all my goodies for inside! I bought stickers, lollipops, Smarties, and stamps — all from Dollar Tree other than the stamps, but you can use anything small enough to fit inside!

Step 7: The last, and if I’m being honest, most PITA step. You’ll place your goodies in the cordial glass and then you have to carefully – without breaking the plastic – fit the cordial glass upside down into the glued shot glass base.

**Now, imma keep it real with you… this was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, lol. I did crack a few, so make e x t r a! I can’t stress that enough. The best method, I found, was putting the shot glasses on a flat surface while gently placing the cordial glass on top and twisting slightly. It will take trial and error for sure. These are so stinkin’ cute but definitely time consuming if you’re making a lot. I ended up making 20 (not including the ones I broke in the process). The cost, including the spray paint, was just over $25 for all 20+ lava lamps. Not too shabby!

If you try these, let me know what you think! Maybe I just got a bad batch of glasses, lol? Either way, I love how they came out and would do it all over again. I placed them in a Radio Flyer wagon, and the kids loved opening their little DIY lava lamp party favors as they headed home from a fun-filled day.

Thanks for following along! *And for more, be sure to check out my Two Groovy Party post and my DIY Cozy Coupe VW Bug post!

Peace + love, my babes!

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