If you’re like me, you have a ton of sunglasses but can never find a pair when you need one, OR you have a 3 year old who has more pairs of sunglasses than you do. (Or both.) This DIY may be the easiest one I’ve posted yet, and we use ours all the time! Chances are, you have all the materials already to make one too; and if not, a quick Amazon order or trip to Dollar Tree can change that. Keep reading to see how simple this DIY sunglasses rack is to make, and store those sunnies all in one place!

black framed sunglasses rack in coat closet

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1 (Optional): The frame I started with was actually white. I wanted it to match the hardware on our closet doors, so I spray painted it matte black. If you have a frame already but don’t love the color, this is an easy way to transform it without buying a whole new one!

black frame for diy sunglasses rack

Step 2: You’ll want to remove the backing, glass, and rip out those little tab thingys on the inside of your frame.

taking out the tabs inside the frame

Step 3: Using your ruler, mark the spots you want to glue your string(s). This will of course depend on the size frame you’re using, but make sure you leave enough room for sunglasses to hang along with some slack for the string. I measured up from the bottom of my frame and made a mark on either side to ensure the string would be even.

measuring/marking where to glue the strings for a diy sunglasses rack

Step 4: Using a hot glue gun (or a nail gun – just be careful you don’t split your frame!), put a generous amount of glue on your marks, and pull your string tight. Let the glue dry completely while holding. I actually let my glue cool a little, but while it was still warm added more glue to cover the string to ensure it wouldn’t fall off with the weight of all our sunnies. *If you’re using a larger frame, you might consider using something stronger like wire and nailing it in.

gluing string inside the frame

Step 5: Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to hang! I used these velcro Command Picture Hanging Strips (I literally use these to hang everything), and bada-bing, bada-boom — a sunglasses holder!

Perfect for a closet or entryway!

So, so easy, you guys! Give it a try, and be sure to tag me on IG (@threedaughtershome), or email me at threedaughtershome@gmail.com. I’d love to see! Thanks for following along.


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