Spruce up your deck or patio with this inexpensive DIY water fountain! I got the idea from my friend Jacque (check her out!) and knew I had to try it. If you have a planter you’re no longer using — (or even if you don’t, you can pick one up cheap) — then you can add this cutie water feature to your outdoor space. Here’s how!

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: First, you’ll want to make sure your planter is clean, so give it a good rinse. Or in my case, a good scrub since I used one I already had on hand. (I will link it here.)

Step 2: If your planter doesn’t have a drainage hole you can skip this step. If it does, just keep the stopper in it and maybe add some glue or tape to ensure it doesn’t leak. Since I used an old one that no longer had a stopper, I had to fill it. A cork fit perfectly. I used Gorilla glue to glue around the cork to make sure no water could get through. I let this dry overnight.

Step 3: Once the glue had completely dried, I carefully cut off the access cork with an X-Acto knife.

Step 4: Now the fun part! Place your solar powered fountain into your planter. Since this piece isn’t flat, it took a little finagling to get to get it to sit right. I used rocks, making sure to not cover the entire solar panel.

Step 5: Next, add your water (I used a pitcher), and place your DIY water fountain in the sun to see it work!

+ NOTE The solar fountain pump I used does come with multiple attachments for different water features!

This lil baby cost me about $10 to make (the cost of the pump)! It is such an affordable way to add a little serenity to your outdoor space. If you decide to make one, give Jacque and I a tag on IG (@glamlaundry / @threedaughtershome) – We’d love to see how yours came out!

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