If you’re a kid, the best part about Halloween hands-down is the candy, am I right?!

Since my daughter, Everly, will be trick-or-treating with two of her little friends this year, I decided to make them each these Dollar Tree tie dye trick-or-treat bags to keep their candy stash in! Do you have little ones going trick-or-treating this Halloween? Then these are a perfect for you! I first saw this project over on @homesweetmomblog’s page and thought they were so adorable! Kelly used larger canvas tote bags from Michael’s, which I originally looked for, but my store was sold out. When I stopped into Dollar Tree and saw these little cuties for only $1 each, I snagged ’em all, lol. Here’s how I made them:

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: This step is optional, but my bags were pretty wrinkly, so I ironed them. Then, I laid them out and measured how big the front of the bags were so I could make my cutout design on my computer.

blank canvas bags
Dollar Tree canvas totes — I found them in the craft section with the paint!

Step 2: Once I had my design, I used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut the letters and shapes onto vinyl. (Any kind will do since you’ll just be peeling it off anyway.) No cutting machine? No problem! You can always just buy vinyl sticker letters and/or some fun, spooky stickers like these from Amazon. 🙂

Step 3: After you {carefully} stick your letters/design on your bag, you’ll want to put something inside the bag to prevent the dye from bleeding through. I used some left over bubble wrap, but a plastic bag would also work! You’ll also want to prep your tie dying area. I just laid a garbage bag down on my deck, haha, whatever works!

Step 4: Time for tie dye! This is the kit I got from Michael’s (linking a similar one from Amazon as well). Pour a small amount of dye into your spray bottle at a time. I would mix colors/dump colors when I was done and worked with what I had, but it would have been a lot easier to use multiple bottles versus just one. (Linking a 3-pack that would work perfect; pretty sure you could get these at any drug store as well.)

+PRO TIP: Don’t be like me… Use gloves lol. The dye is messy, and chances are no matter how careful you are, you will get it on your hands. 😬

Step 5: Once you’re done with your dye, dab your stickers with some paper towels to remove the extra dye. Then you can carefully peel them off and either toss ’em, or re-use them to make more tote bags!

Hang to dry, and you’re done!

tie dye trick or treat bag

I think these came out so adorable! I can’t wait to see the kids fill them with candy! What I love most about this project is you can customize these for any occasion! You could make as library book bags, gift bags – omg, these would make the cutest bachelorette bags! – or even just an everyday tote bag to carry the essentials! Sky’s the limit!

If you decide to give these Dollar Tree Tie Dye Trick-or-Treat Bags a try, please tag me @threedaughtershome — I would love to see your creation! 🙂

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tie dye canvas tote bags

Happy Halloween crafting!


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