20 more days until my MOST favorite holiday of the year! Yes, even more than Christmas. (There; I said it.) 👻 If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the past couple years I have been making my girls boo baskets for Halloween. I typically give them their baskets in early October so they can enjoy the spooky fun goodies throughout the month. Last year, I also made some cute ‘You’ve been booed’ baskets for our neighbors, and this year we have about 10 families joining in! It’s traditions like these that make holidays so fun + special to my kids, and I love that we get to share in the fun with our community. It seriously makes my heart so full!

Check out the Halloween boo baskets I made below:

Basket #1 for my 6-yr-old:


Baskets #2 & #3 for my 2.5-yr-old twins:


*DIY Wood Peg Dolls tutorial here.

Basket #4 for my 1.5-yr-old friend’s daughter:


Baskets #5 & #6 for our 8 and 12-yr-old neighbors:


**Note: I couldn’t link everything but tried to find similar products. The adorable jelly bags pictured are from the Target Bullseye section, and the pink canvas ‘boo’ basket is from Marden’s.

For more spooky fun, search ‘Halloween’ in the search bar for more boo basket ideas and DIYs like my boo wands and ghost wands — perfect for Halloween boo baskets!

Happy Halloween, y’all ~ 🎃

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