diy Halloween coffin and peg dolls

Okay; this was a spur of the moment impulse DIY, but how cute are these little Halloween peg dolls & coffin?! I was perusing Michael’s when I saw this little wood coffin by its lonesome in the Halloween section. As soon as I saw it, I bought the little unfinished peg dolls to go with it and got ta paintin’! If you have a kid that loves Halloween, this is the perfect project to feed their spooky little imagination.

What You’ll Need:

  • Unfinished wood coffin – I got mine at Michael’s, but they are currently sold out, so here’s some from Amazon
  • Unfinished wood peg dolls – I got mine at Michael’s, but here are also some from Amazon
  • Foam brush or medium paintbrush*
  • Small craft paintbrush*
  • Fine point paintbrush* or a kit that includes all sizes
  • Choice of acrylic paint (I’ve listed the exact paint colors I used below)

How To:


Step 1: I painted the coffin first because I knew it would be easiest, ha. Just pick your color, and paint away! I used a wide foam brush to speed up the process.

Step 2: Once it was dry, I used a small craft brush (comes in like a 10-pack from Dollar Tree) to make the little pink crosses. Boom.

Step 3: Now, I had some options for the little wood peg peeps. The ones I bought came in a pack of four, but only two fit in the little coffin so I decided to reel in my craftiness and just make two. Dracula seemed like a no brainer, and Frankenstein because he’d make a good companion (and because I love the way my daughter says “Fwankenstein” lol.)

Coffin paint colors: coffin itself is Anita’s Acrylic Paint in Hyacinth; the crosses are Craftsmart Acrylic Paint in Pink Bliss

Frankie the Frankenstein:

*Note: It’s really hard to take progress photos as I am painting these little guys, so I apologize that I didn’t take any but I’ll try to walk you through it as best I can. I would recommend looking at Pinterest (or these) for a visual to look at while you’re painting. I used @lilblueboo’s as inspo (note that she is a professional painter and I am not, mmkay? lol.)

Step 1: I started off by painting the head and neck green. Then I painted his purple shirt and blue jacket – both with a cheap-o, dollar store craft brush.

Step 2: After those were dry, I used my dark grey paint to do his pants and buttons. (The green paint I used for his head was also from Dollar Tree and 10/10 do not recommend. It was super watery, and I had to do three coats.)

Step 3: For his face and scar, I sacrificed an eye liner brush (R.I.P.), but you can find a fine point paint brush at any craft store, or get this kit off Amazon that includes a variety of brush sizes.

Step 4: This part is optional, but I added two small screws to either side of his neck. 🙂

Frankenstein paint colors: hair & pants are Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn; shirt is Anita’s Acrylic Paint in Hyacinth; jacket is Craftsmart Acrylic Paint in Pacific Coast; face is a crappy Dollar Tree paint not even worth sharing lol

Drake the Dracula:

Step 1: Just like Frankie, I painted his head first.

Step 2: Then I painted a white rectangle-ish shirt down the center. I did the white shirt first because I figured that would be easier to paint on top of versus painting white in top of dark, but quite honestly either way would work.

Step 3: After those were dry, I painted his cape and hair with my regular craft brush and the pink bow, face, and teeth with my fine point… eye liner brush, lol.

Dracula paint colors: hair & cape are Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn; shirt is Anita’s Acrylic Paint in White; bowtie is Nicole’s Craft Studio Acrylic Paint in Flirtation; face is Craftsmart Acrylic Paint in Pacific Coast mixed with White

That’s it! You can go as detailed or as basic as you want when making these, but either way – how cute?! And since I already had the paint on hand, all three of these cost me less than $6. I know Everly will love opening these in her boo basket and playing with them!

If you try this project, be sure to tag me (@threedaughtershome) — I’d love to see! Also, be sure to check out my other Halloween posts: Adorable No-Sew Ghosts, Ghost Wands, Dollar Tree Tie Dye Trick-or-Treat Bags, and Boo Baskets!


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