It’s Evie’s last week as a kindergartener… not exactly sure how that happened, but here we are. We love showering her teacher with little gifts for holidays and teacher appreciation week, — and the school year coming to an end is no exception. Here is a simple and thoughtful last day of schoolteacher gift your child’s teacher, or other staff member, is sure to love!

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Using vinyl and a cutting machine, cut out your teacher’s name. You can also just use stickers if you don’t own a cutting machine. Place these right on your spiral notebook.

Step 2: I printed this free ‘thank you teacher’ template from MeganHStudio. There’s also a color version as well as a staff version for other faculty members. I let my daughter color in the template and helped her fill out the answers.

Step 3: Put the paper in an envelope and attach to your notebook. I used washi tape, but you can use regular tape or stickers.

Step 4: From here I added some fun colored pens by hole punching the corner and tying everything together with some fun ribbon and yarn. You could also take this a step further by buying a gift card and hole punching that as well to attach. (I just wanted to the last minute, lol.)

This whole last day of school teacher gift took me/us less than an hour to make and fits easily in her backpack! To Evie’s teachers — and all the teachers out there — you are amazing. We appreciate all you to do to mold our kids into the bright little individuals they are. Enjoy your summer and have lots of mojitos and poolside cocktails (per all of us moms)! 😎

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