Who else loves any excuse to decorate with pink hearts?! Me me me!

I don’t go too crazy with Valentine’s Day decor, but I do put some fun touches in the girls’ rooms! As I was displaying their Valentine books, I felt like something was missing… A-ha. A festive garland! Rather than buy one I’d have to cut (because the shelves are only about 2ft. long), I decided to DIY one with stuff I already had lying around. Keep reading to see how you can make a no-sew heart garland of your own! Or, forgo the yarn and make hearts as bowl filler or a pillow (like I did below.) The options are endless with these cuties!

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Place your ‘stencil’ on top of two sheets of fabric. You may even be able to get away with forgoing a stencil altogether by just drawing a heart freehand and folding in half to make even if you wanted to. Any fabric will do — Literally. I happened to have an extra receiving blanket and this worked perfect. Otherwise, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby or even Amazon will have what you need.

Step 2: Cut out your hearts. And do not worry if your edges aren’t perfect. Focus more on making sure your two pieces are lined up versus following the stencil perfectly, and you’ll be golden. You guys, I promise you… you can’t mess these up, lol.

Step 3: Line up one of each heart with the ‘pretty side’ facing down. Lay your yarn across your hearts, tweak your spacing, then glue a small dot on each heart to keep your yarn in place.

Step 4: Place a coin on the bottom half of each heart. This may seem silly, but having the bottom of the heart weighted will ensure your garland hangs correctly and the hearts don’t twist. (I learned this from my momma.) 😊

Step 5: Glue the two pieces of fabric together. Whether you’re using hot glue or fabric glue, you’ll want to squeeze a thin line of glue all around the edge, leaving one end open for your stuffing. The pro of using fabric glue is that you don’t need to worry about burning your fingers. (A big plus, lol.) The con of fabric glue is that it does take a while to dry. Wait until your glue is completely dry before you start stuffing.

Step 6: Stuff and glue ‘er shut! Using little bits of Polyfil at a time, stuff your heart, leaving enough room to be able to glue it shut. Make sure your coin stays in the bottom of your heart.

+ PRO TIP: If you’re only making one or two of these, you could probably get away with just using cotton balls as fill!



Easy, adorable no-sew heart garland! (Also, see tutorials for my homemade abacus and drop cloth curtains.)

Easy, right?! Since I already had all the materials to make these (and you may too!), it cost me nothing. My favorite kind of project! 🙂 You can literally do this with kind of fabric and customize any way you want — It’s such an easy, fun Valentine craft that even the kiddos could do it! You could even skip the garland and make the little stuffed hearts as love basket gifts, teacher gifts, bowl filler, or a pillow (like the one I made below)! Give these a try and be sure to tag me (@threedaughtershome) in your cutie patootie V-Day no-sew heart garland pics!


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