Decorating and DIY projects may be strengths of mine, but gardening? Not so much. (Unfortunately, I did not get my mom’s green thumb.) So I’m sharing two different outdoor planters made easy — one with real flowers, and one with faux (thanks MB Wilhelm for the inspo!) — that my fellow black thumb-ers can tackle. Fake it til you make it, baby! 👍🏿

PLANTER #1 – What You’ll Need (to make 1):

How To:

Step 1: Find a planter/planters that fit your style and a large plant arrangement. I got these off of Amazon (comes in a 1 or 2-pack) and listed some other options below. Since the opening is 13″ at the top, I got a slightly smaller potted flower arrangement (11″ I believe).

Step 2: This tall planter comes with a shelf inside, so I used an old planter I already had that fit perfect inside. This part is totally optional but does reduce the amount of soil you use.

Step 3: Put some potting soil in the bottom of the smaller planter, and you’re essentially going to transfer your flowers from one planter to the other.

Step 4: Remove your arrangement from its current planter and place on top of the soil. Fill with soil, making sure to cover the top of your smaller planter (if you use one).

There! Easy peasy outdoor planters with minimal effort — I’m here for it! Now to keep them alive… 🙃 (*Check out my IG for a reel of this project!)

PLANTER #2 – What You’ll Need (to make 2):

Step 1: Place your floral foam in the bottom of your planter. You’ll want the foam to be shorter than the top of the planter. For these faux concrete planters I picked up from Walmart, I used two packages of these dry floral foams per planter, and they fit perfectly. I kept them right in the plastic wrap.

Step 2: Fill your planter with soil. We want to conceal the floral foam by adding a fairly thin layer over top. That way it’s covered but we can still stick our floral stems through.

Step 3: Grab your Boston fern stem, and fluff ‘er right up. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, and while I do love the mix of fern/palms/spider plant, they go out of stock often. So, just in case, here is a similar one from Walmart along with some other options below. As MB says, you gotta work it like a Christmas tree until it’s nice and full. Then you’ll stick it right in the middle of your planter, through the soil and firmly into the floral foam.

Step 4: To make the planters more full, I also bought a regular fern stem. I cut the fern leaves off, splitting them between my 2 planters then stuck them down into the floral foam, filling any blank spots.

Step 5: Last but not least, we gotta protect the stems from fading. I sprayed two coats over both of my 2 planter arrangements using this UV protectant spray. So far, they’ve been out for about a week thru the sun and buckets of rain and still look great! (*COMING SOON: Check out my IG for a reel of this project + how it looks now!)

And there you have it, my friends! Two different ways to achieve outdoor planters made easy. I hope this helps you beautify your outdoor spaces this summer! ☼

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