little girl's christmas tree decorated with pink ornaments

Is there anything more magical than watching your child decorate a Christmas tree?! Seeing the holiday through the eyes of my four year old is so magical, and this year we decided to start a new tradition! We got her her own little tree! When I asked her what kind of decorations she wanted to put on it, she said “pink, shiny, glittery ones!” Done & done! One sparkly, pink princess Christmas tree comin’ right up!


**I’ve gone ahead and linked the decorations as well we the tree itself. This 4′ flocked tree is such a great deal if you’re looking for a small tree! I’ve never had a flocked tree and was a little worried about the mess, but there was next to none! The quality is excellent, and it comes pre-lit for $27 — such a steal!

Also, low key obsessed with the rainbow ornaments! They are so beautiful and well-made for less than $2 — Are you kidding me?! I let Everly pick her own tree topper, and after looking at literally every last one (it felt like) online, she decided she needed to see them in person. ๐Ÿคฃ She ended up picking this super glittery star, and momma loved the price $5)! My sweet girl got the pink princess Christmas tree of every little girls’ dreams!

And if you’re putting a tree in your little’s bedroom (or even if you’re not), these outlet plugs are a great safety feature. They work with Alexa, so you can turn them on and off by voice; or if you don’t have Alexa (like we don’t in Ev’s room), you can still use the on/off button on the side. This let’s Ev turn her tree on and off much more safely than plugging it into the outlet directly.

But how precious is my baby?! โ™ก

Happy tree decorating!

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