little girl's christmas tree decorated with pink ornaments

Is there anything more magical than watching your child decorate a Christmas tree?! Seeing the holiday through the eyes of my four year old is so magical, and this year we decided to start a new tradition! We got her her own little tree! When I asked her what kind of decorations she wanted to put on it, she said “pink, shiny, glittery ones!” Done & done! One sparkly, pink princess Christmas tree comin’ right up!


**I’ve gone ahead and linked the decorations as well we the tree itself. This 4′ flocked tree is such a great deal if you’re looking for a small tree! I’ve never had a flocked tree and was a little worried about the mess, but there was next to none! The quality is excellent, and it comes pre-lit for $27 — such a steal!

Also, low key obsessed with the rainbow ornaments! They are so beautiful and well-made for less than $2 — Are you kidding me?! I let Everly pick her own tree topper, and after looking at literally every last one (it felt like) online, she decided she needed to see them in person. 🤣 She ended up picking this super glittery star, and momma loved the price $5)! My sweet girl got the pink princess Christmas tree of every little girls’ dreams!

And if you’re putting a tree in your little’s bedroom (or even if you’re not), these outlet plugs are a great safety feature. They work with Alexa, so you can turn them on and off by voice; or if you don’t have Alexa (like we don’t in Ev’s room), you can still use the on/off button on the side. This let’s Ev turn her tree on and off much more safely than plugging it into the outlet directly.

But how precious is my baby?! ♡

Happy tree decorating!

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