princess party favors: ornate mirrors with change purses, wands, and tulle + chiffon ribbon

My oldest is obsessed – and I mean obsessed – with all things Disney princess! So, it came as no surprise that she wanted a princess themed party for her fifth birthday. If you’re in the same boat, and reading this thinking “yup, that’s my daughter,” then you need to make these adorable, fit-for-a princess party favors! I was inspired by Sierra Miller who shared these on her IG, and they were quite the hit with the girls!

They are surprisingly affordable, and super easy to assemble. —

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: I recommend starting on your acrylic tags first since they take some time to dry. I found these crown tags on Etsy, but the same shop does a variety of difference shapes if you are looking for something else. (Make sure you select the option for a hole so you can attach it with ribbon later.) The tags come with a paper backing. You’ll want to remove the backing and paint one side with your acrylic paint. Here are the two colors I selected to go with the color of my mirrors.

+PRO TIP: I buy most of my acrylic paint from Walmart — They have such a wide variety, and you can’t beat the price!

Step 2: While the backs dry, I cut out the names of Evie’s friends using my Silhouette Cameo and matte white vinyl. No cutting machine? You can just as easily use letter stickers or a white calligraphy pen!

+ PRO TIP: This step is optional, but if you want to keep the paint from scratching off, I recommend spraying with a coat of clear spray paint. That way, your princess guests can reuse their tags after the party as keychains!

Step 3: Time to assemble! Ev and I had so much fun with this step as she loved choosing rings for each of her friends. Start with your star tulle ribbon and the chiffon ribbon on top. Lay the mirror in the middle, and then I added a change purse with a Disney Frozen ring inside. Tie the ribbons in a knot and string on your nametag. The hole is quite small, so I used the hook of my weeding tool, or even a sewing needle would help to pull the ribbon through. (Just the chiffon ribbon!) Tie it, and for the final touch, tuck in a little wand:


How stinkin’ cute are these?! For a video of how I assembled these, head over to my Instagram (@threedaughtershome)!

Price breakdown: For 10 of these, it cost me about $5.80 each.

If you’re planning a royal party for your little one, be sure to give these princess party favors a try, and tag me in your posts! They are sure to be a hit!

princess party favors: ornate mirrors with change purses, wands, and tulle + chiffon ribbon


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