modern farmhouse style shower with hearth and hand cream towels and shower curtain, plush chunky knit bathmat, and a cute stool with basket and clementine tree

Do you have an outdated bathroom? I swear our master bath is stuck in the 90s, and I desperately want to tear it all up and start fresh, lol. While renovation isn’t in the budget right now, small changes can still make a big impact! So, I headed where any decor lover would go for inspo — Target! Keep reading to see this Target shower makeover! Here are the items I came home with (and a new shower liner bc those babies get grody):


First Things First

I took down the existing towels, bath mat, and shower curtain and scrubbed the heck out of the shower and floors. I wanted to have a clean blank slate. That shower rod was the first thing to go! (I can’t even believe I’m posting a pic because the rod and rings were grungy af. Oh well; a little bit of real life for ya, lol.) I replaced the shower rod and shower rings with black matte ones. Now, they match the vanity drawer handles we had leftover from our kitchen remodel.

Buh bye gross shower rod & rusted shower rings! Shoulda ditched you a long time ago!

Small Changes, Big Impact

From here, I simply added new towels, a new (amazingly plush – srzly I’m in love) chunky knit bathmat, new shower curtain, and this adorable shaker stool I had been eying for months. Not only is it cute, but it’s also functional! I placed this cutie basket on top (part of the Hearth and Hand line) and added washcloths, making them easy to grab!

Everything I bought was from Target (either online or in-store) and super affordable! I’ve linked up everything on this post for you, but isn’t it crazy the impact just 7 items can make?!


If you have a dated bathroom like we do, I challenge you to try swapping out little things like linens/fixtures/decor to transform it, and tag me in your mini makeovers! I’d love to see!


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