April is almost here, and the Easter bunny’s preparations are well under way!

Who else has the fondest memories of Easter growing up? Egg hunts at home/church; dying eggs in the kitchen and waking to a basket full of goodies from the Easter bunny himself! Now that I’m a momma, I love putting together baskets for my girls in anticipation of them getting those same butterflies I used to get as a kid.

This year, I actually made six toddler Easter baskets! To help you mommas out, I’m sharing what I filled my baskets with along with some other cute ideas I found during my shopping trips. (*Be sure to scroll the ‘Shop this Basket’ links to see all the items!) For stuff I couldn’t tag, I tried to find similar items for you. As the EB’s wing-woman (self-proclaimed), keep scrolling ’cause I’ll also share some tips on shopping + assembling your little bunny’s basket. ♡




Here are the two baskets I put together for my friend’s girls! These little plastic baskets are only $1 and super easy to customize with a cutting machine!

easter basket gift ideas for one year old and three year old


**Bunny & egg wands were made by yours truly. See the tutorial here.

**Flags are printables from The Letter Vee.

+ PRO TIPS for Gift Baskets:

  • Remove tags + take things out of packaging (where you can.) This will make your basket look so much cuter with less bulk, and in my opinion, makes your basket look less “store bought.”
  • Mix in fun items with functional ones. For example, I added practical items like wet wipes, cups, and utensils along with the treats and fun stuff.
  • Raise items in the back to make them more visible. What you can’t see in the pictures is that I actually used Easter eggs, rolled up outfits, and other goodies underneath the Easter grass to give items height so they’re easier to see.
  • Customize, customize, customize! I like to add name tags to all my baskets as well, which can be as simple as tying a tag to the handle with pretty ribbon, or you can buy custom baskets with their names embroidered. That extra touch goes a long way in making your loved one feel like the basket contents were handpicked just for them.

I hope this is helpful shopping for your littlest bunnies! Be sure to also check out my DIY Easter wands, pictured above, along with my DIY Easter tags and Easter tablescape!

Happy Easter!


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