Okay; so we all love an organized space, but how many times do we put it off because the process is so tedious? I am 100% guilty. That being said, I’ve started to tackle some areas of my home in dire need of organization. I first tackled our closet turned pantry (and by I, I mean I had some major help lol); and then I decided to do some under the kitchen sink organization. It’s actually quite amazing (& embarrassing) how much crap can accumulate in such a small space. Time to make this lil space WAY more functional!

What I Used:

*pictured below

How To:

Step 1: First, you’ll want to take everything out from under your sink and cleannnn! (Because who knows what’s living under there.)

Step 2: Purge what you can: near empty bottles, things you didn’t even know were under there — get rid of it! Simplify the space with only the items you know you’ll use.

Step 3: Group like items together. For example, I grouped all my surface cleaners together, floor cleaners together, soaps, etc.

kitchen sink organization by grouping like items.

Step 4: Then the fun part – shopping! Once you know what items you want to organize together, you can figure out what sort of storage will work best.


My favorite thing I got was this 3-tier basket drawer organizer. I use it to store my dish towels, sponges, microfiber cloths, magic erasers, and trash bags. It works great, and there’s still room to spare on top!

under-the-sink drawer organizer

I ended up getting a large plastic bin for all my surface cleaners and this air-tight OXO storage container to keep my dishwasher pods in.

under the kitchen sink organization with clear storage bins

I used a turntable/lazy susan for my soaps and other miscellaneous cleaners. These turntables are great because if you have items you don’t use super frequently, you can stick them closer to the back and still easily see what’s what.

under the kitchen sink organization with a turntable for bottles and mounted plastic bag holder

If you’re like us, we get SO many dang plastic grocery bags. I regularly recycle our bags but do like to keep a few on hand. This wall mounted bag holder is perfect! No more crazy loose bags! (And, rather than drill into the inside of the cabinet, I simply used Command strips so that it will easily come off with no marks or holes!)


Last but not least, I bought these two Command items to make our under-the-sink cabinet doors functional. This little clear caddy holder is perfect to store our trash and bottle pick-up stickers in, and I’ve been storing the bottle brush in there too since I clean approx. 904390 baby bottles a day, lol. By far the two cleaners I use the most are my disinfectant and countertop sprays. These hangers make them easily assessible to just grab n’ spray, which I love! (As moms we’re always cleaning something, am I right?!)

kitchen sink cabinet door storage solutions
And the best part is that they peel right off – no damage to your cabinet doors!

[*Just make sure you allow some room for your spray bottles once your doors are shut.]

storage solutions for under the kitchen sink organization

With a few simple steps and storage solutions, BAM! I have an organized under-the-sink space. I no longer cringe every time I open the cabinet doors, waiting to see what’s going to topple out, haha. If you struggle keeping under your kitchen sink organized, (or any space for that matter) I hope this helps! Now, go tackle that space that makes you cringe. You got this!


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