bookshelves in nursery with DIY decor

When I was decorating the twins’ nursery, I wanted something unique to add to their bookshelves. Since twin decor is is basically non-existent, I decided I would make something! (Surprise, surprise.) I came across a super cute idea shared by a fellow DIY-er, (@ashleighlaurn_), and decided to adapt it. This DIY wood block abacus came out SO cute and cost me approximately $9 to make since I already had everything except the frame, dowels, and blocks. This would be adorable in any kids’ bedroom, and you could even customize it with their name — sky’s the limit!

What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Once you have a frame, you’ll want to remove the glass. Some frames have easy to remove glass; other frames (like mine, naturally lol) called for a hammer. Just watch out for shards of glass – NOT a good time.

Step 2: This step is optional, but I spray painted/’spainted’ (I’m coining that) my frame. A couple light coats outta do it!

Step 3: Measure the inside of your frame from side to side. You’ll want to saw your dowels so that they are a super snug fit and can be wedged inside your hollowed frame. This took a little trial and error to get perfect.

Step 4: Using a drill bit that’s the same size as your dowels, drill a hole in the middle of all your blocks. You could try to get them all perfect, orrrr you could just eyeball it like we did.

Step 5: Stamp your blocks on each side other than the two sides with holes.

Step 6: Place the stamped blocks through your dowels and wedge the dowels into the frame.


If you decide to try this project, please send me pictures of how yours came out! I’d love to see!


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